In early July of 2019, we brought home Diesel(left), a mini-Australian shepherd. He has since become a faithful canine companion, who enjoys herding cows and sheep, and playing with us. We found a mate for him in mid January of 2020. Daisy(upper right) is also a mini-Australian shepherd. She is a bit more skittish than Diesel, but loves playing with him.

In early December of 2021, we found another mate for Diesel. Dexter(lower right) is the third mini-Australian shepherd we have. She is very playful and curious about everything around her. Diesel is allowed to mate with Daisy and Dexter whenever they want to. All three dogs are purebreds.

Daisy’s coloring is described as black tri, and Dexter is a red tri, while Diesel is a blue merle. The black tri is the most common coloring for this breed, but there are four types of coloring: Black tri, red tri, blue merle, and red merle. 

The average litter size for a mini-Australian shepherd is between five and nine puppies. The puppies are very quickly sold, so give me, Jean Braatz, a call, 612-245-6271, or an email csa@mymnfarmer.com to be on a wait list.


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