Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you organic?

We do not have a government ‘organic’ label, however, we are committed to growing all our food free of chemicals in a natural and sustainable way and providing that food to you in its freshest, simplest form. See here for more information

Can I do a one time order or a weekly delivery?

Both! We do monthly deliveries, where we will package your order and personally deliver it to your door. During the summer, we also have produce shares that we send out weekly chicken shares which are biweekly, and egg shares which you can choose how often you’d like them.

What does this mean?

This picture, , is a link to our store. Many of our products are seasonal, meaning they are only available during certain parts of the year. However, we do our best to keep a variety of things available at all times. 

What is a CSA?

A CSA is a Community Supported Agriculture program. Some people describe this concept as a vegetable co-op, weekly boxed delivery, or a vegetable of the week club. We like to describe it as being a farmer for individual families, providing you with whatever is ripe and delicious each week.

What can I do with all this food?

We usually can/freeze whatever extra food we have for winter, or try fun recipes. My MN Farmer Supper is one of our favorites, and it’s super easy, too. Have fun trying the recipes on our Recipes page. 🙂

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