Chickens – Free Range


Our free range chickens are raised on grass and sunshine is a delicious, tender addition to your table. Enjoy some moist, delicious, hormone free, free range chicken!

  • Cut chicken – Chickens are cut into boneless skinless breasts, legs and thighs, and wings. The weight is between 4 and 6 lbs. $18 / bag
  • Whole chicken – Chickens are between 4 and 5 lbs. $17 / bag
  • Chicken gizzards – Already cleaned chicken gizzards come in 1 lb bags. $4 / bag
  • Chicken livers – Chicken livers are good grilled, or with onions. They come in 1 lb bags. $3 / bag
  • Chicken necks and backs – Approximately 5 lbs of necks and backs for you to make nourishing homemade chicken stock. $5 / bag
  • Stewing hens – Available as one chicken for $6 or two for $10.
  • Chicken paws (feet) – These come in pairs, and are great for making chicken stock, or dog treats. $1 / pair

Fresh Turkey – Pastured


These delicious, tender, and moist turkeys are between 12-25 lbs. A $25 deposit will reserve the bird for you, then $3.50/lb will be due at the time the bird is delivered. The deposit will pay for the first 7 lbs at $3.50 lb. These pasture-raised birds are almost as beautiful in the field as they are on the table. You can pick up your bird on the weekend before Thanksgiving or we can deliver it to you in the twin cities on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Mankato area the Monday before Thanksgiving for a $7 or free delivery with a $100 order. They will be fresh, not frozen.

Lamb – Grass Fed


Lamb is a delicacy for your exquisite meals but also is simple enough for your barbecues. This grass fed delicacy will be yours to savor.

  • Half a lamb – This includes leg of lamb, ground lamb, shoulder, top round and lamb chops. This is a delicate, delicious grass fed meat. Enjoy some this fall! $250.00 / box
  • Ground lamb – When lamb is ground and crisp, it tastes less gamey than a chop, but you still get its earthiness. $12 / lbs
  • Jalapeno cheddar lamb snack sticks – Perfect for snacking and not too spicy. $12 / package
  • Lamb brats – We offer regular smoked brats, mushroom swiss brats, and cheddar brats. $15 / package

Beef – Grass Fed


Our herferd/angus cows are raised on our pastures and hand fed by our children. They have access to lots of grass and sunshine. This lean, tender, grass-fed beef is the best! All weights are approximate.

  • 1/12th of a steer – 25-30 lbs. About 10 lbs are ground beef. Because the cow doesn’t have 12 of everything it is a bit different in every share but typically there also is 1 package soup bone or short ribs, 1 package of rib steak (two steaks in each package), 2 roasts about 3 lbs each, 1 package of T’Bone of Porterhouse, 1 package of chuck steak, 1 package of round steak, and 1 package of sirloin tips. $225.00 / box
  • 1/2 cow share – This item is clsoe to $6/LB, the estimated final price is between $1650 and $2250 and the estimated final weight is between 275 and 375 lbs. Final price determined by final weight. Once item(s) is weighed, we will charge you final price less deposit. You will receive a receipt for the final charge. The price is $3.80 a lb hanging weight plus processing. The typical hanging weight of a half cow is about 450 lbs. So a half cow will give you about 325 lbs of burger, hotdogs, patties, or whatever you would like to do with it. Depending on the processing the price will be about $5.75 to $6.25 a lb overall. $100 deposit required
  • Grill and slow cooker pack – 40 hamburger patties (5 packages with 8 burgers in each) and 2 roasts (2.5 – 3 lb each). 17-18 lb total. $130.00 / box
  • Hamburger share – A share is 20-23 lbs (20 – just over 1 lb packages). The hamburger is very lean, about 93-98%, and wonderfully delicious. $145.00 / box
  • Beef hamburger – Order as many 1 lb packages as you want of very lean hamburger, about 93-98%. $7.50 / package, or see store for bulk rates.
  • Hamburger patties – Each package has separated burgers for your convenience. The 1 lb package has 4 burgers and the 2.3 lbs package has 6 burgers. $9 / 1 lb package or $18 / 2.3 lbs package
  • Beef liver – The grass fed beef liver comes in 1.5 lbs packages. Amazing with onions, or even grilled. $4 / package
  • Beef roast – These roasts are extremely versatile. They come in 3+ lbs packages. $25 / package
  • Beef ribeye – The ribeye is like a rib steak, but without any bones. They are 2 to a package and weigh 1 lb. $19 / package
  • T-bone beef steaks – The T-bone is a high-quality cut of beef. Each package is 1.5 lbs and contains 2 steaks. $21 / package
  • Sirloin steaks – Sirloin steaks are a popular beef cut that is more flavorful than fillet and leaner than ribeye. There is 2 steaks to a package. $15 / package
  • Beef hot dogs – These all beef hot dogs are excellent grilled or however you like them. There are 6-7 dogs to a package and they weigh 1.5 lbs. $12 / package
  • Beef stick packs – We have two different types, honey barbecue and original. Each package is 1.5 lbs of long tender sticks. This pack will come with one package of each type. $32 / pack
  • Summer sausage – We offer two types of summer sausage, jalapeno cheese and original. $18 / 1.5 lbs package
  • Ring bologna – A crowd pleaser for young and old alike, these are 1 lb rings. $8 / ring
  • Hot beef – Similar to pulled pork, but with beef instead. Once people order these they just keep on ordering. So delicious and easy to prepare. They come in 2.5 lbs packages. $20 / packages


Pork – Pasture Raised


We raised pork for the first time the summer of 2013 and I was sold the second I TASTED IT! Once you experience this amazing real pork it will be hard to ever go back. This is delicious. Enjoy a taste of real, humanely raised, pastured, country food. All weights are approximate.

  • Mixed 1/4 pork is about 35-40 lbs and will contain 8 lbs smoked ham, 5 lbs ground pork, 7 lbs pork chops, 4 lbs roasts, 4 lbs steaks, 4 lbs bacon and more. $175.00 / box
  • Bacon – Delicious bacon better than any store bought bacon you’ve ever had. Each package is just over 1 lb. $9 / package
  • Ham – Amazing sliced for sandwiches, Sunday brunch, or even an Easter feast. The packages are 3.5 – 4 pounds, with one ham to a package. $18 / package
  • Pork chops – Farm fresh pork chops are the best. These come 2 to a package and weigh 1 lb. $5.75 / package
  • Pork steaks – The pork steaks come 2 to a package and are about 1.75 lbs each package. $8.50 / package
  • Pork roasts – Pork roasts can be shredded to make pulled pork, slice them for great pork steaks, or eat them with mashed potatoes for a great, healthy, hearty meal. These are about 3.5 pounds a package. $16 / package
  • Ground pork – The ground pork that is great for making breakfast sausage, mixing with our hamburger for meat loaf, and more. Each package is about 1 lb. $5.50 / package
  • Pork lard – Great for making soap or frying foods. No explanation as to why you need it required. You can order it in 5 lbs or 12-15 lbs packages. $6 / 5lbs or $13 / 12-15 lbs
  • Pork liver – Pork liver can be used in the same ways as beef liver, it just has a slightly different flavor. These come in 1.25 lbs packages. $3.50
  • German smoked brats – Great mixture of pork and beef for a wonderful ready to heat brat. 4 brats in a package. $8 / package
  • Fresh pork brats – This is a fresh brat from our pigs and processed at Odenthal’s, our local meat market. There are 4 brats in each 1 lb package. $8 / package

Meat Basket

  • 1 package of tenderloin
  • 1 cut chicken
  • 1 package of 8 hamburger patties
  • 3 lbs ground burger in 1 lb packages
  • 2 packages of pork chops (2 chops in each package)
  • 1 ham
  • 1 package bacon

This is a showcase of our favorite meats. The total for this package is $110.

Monthly Share

Do you love making amazing, healthy meals like the one in this picture? Then guarantee your home to be filled with healthy meat, eggs, granola, and vegetables for the 7-month growing season. We will put together more than $150 of food for you to enjoy, while making sure to not overwhelm you with perishable produce, but put in a well-rounded amount of produce with a longer shelf life.

  • 3 to 4 dozen eggs
  • Various types of meat adding up to about $70 – $100
  • Various produce adding up to about $20 – $60
  • Possibly additional bread, pickles, granola, dried herbs, or another farm-made product

This is a way to get home delivery to your door and ensure you get the great products you will love. It will ensure an egg share, seasonal produce, possible baked goods, and a good variety of meat. We will always have a little different mix of meats. It will include chicken, beef, pork, and fun processed meats as well such as ring bologna, lamb, brats, hotdogs, or summer sausage depending on the month. $150 / box

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