Chickens – Free Range


Our free range chickens grown on grass and sunshine are a delicious, tender addition to your table. One will be delivered every other week of the summer share season. Enjoy some moist, delicious, hormone free, free range chicken!

  • Cut chicken share – Chickens are cut into boneless skinless breasts, legs and thighs, and wings. The weight is between 3 and 4 lbs. $17 / bag
  • Whole chicken share – Chickens are between 4 and 5 lbs. $16 / bag
  • Chicken stock share – Approximately 5 lbs of necks and backs for you to make nourishing homemade chicken stock. $5 / bag
  • The above can be purchased separately to be delivered when you need them during season

Lamb – Grass Fed


Lamb is a delicacy for your exquisite meals but also is simple enough for your barbecues. The 1/2 lamb share is comprised of half a lamb processed and ready to enjoy. This grass fed delicacy will be yours to savor. This includes leg of lamb, ground lamb, shoulder, top round and lamb chops. This is a delicate, delicious grass fed meat. Enjoy some this fall! $200.00 / box

Beef – Grass Fed


Our herferd/angus cows are raised on our pasture and hand fed by our children. They have access to lots of grass and sunshine. These beef shares will be delivered in June. This lean, tender, grass fed beef is the best!

  • 1/12th of a steer – Approximately 25-30 lbs. About 10 lbs are ground beef. Because the cow doesn’t have 12 of everything it is a bit different in every share but typically there also is 1 package soup bone or short ribs, 1 package of rib steak (two steaks in each package), 2 roasts about 3 lbs each, 1 package of T’Bone of Porterhouse, 1 package of chuck steak, 1 package of round steak, and 1 package of sirloin tips.$195.00 / box
  • Hamburger share – A share is 20-23 lbs (20 – just over 1 lb packages). The hamburger is very lean, about 93-98%, and wonderfully delicious. $130.00 / box
  • Grill and slow cooker pack – 40 hamburger patties (5 packages with 8 burgers in each) and 2 roasts (2.5 – 3 lb each). approximately 17-18 lb total. $130.00 / box

Pork – Pasture Raised


We raised pork for the first time the summer of 2013 and I was sold the second I TASTED IT! Once you experience this amazing real pork it will be hard to ever go back. This is delicious. Enjoy a taste of real, humanely raised, pastured, country food. The mixed 1/4 hog is about 35-37 lbs and will contain approximately 8 lbs smoked ham, 3-4 lbs ground pork, 7 lbs pork chops, 4 lbs roasts, 4 lbs steaks, 4 lbs bacon and more. Ready in October. $150.00 / box

Meat Basket

  • 1 package of tenderloin
  • 1 cut chicken
  • 1 package of 8 hamburger patties
  • 3 lbs ground burger in 1 lb packages
  • 2 packages of pork chops (2 chops in each package)
  • 1 ham
  • 1 package bacon

This is a showcase of our favorite meats. The total for this package is $110.

Fresh Turkey – Pastured


These delicious, tender and moist turkey hens are between 12-18 lbs, the toms between 18-25 lbs. A $25 deposit will reserve the bird for you, then $3.25/lb will be due at the time the bird is delivered. The deposit will pay for the first 7 2/3 lbs at $3.25 lb. These pasture-raised birds are almost as beautiful in the field as they are on the table. You can pick up your bird on the weekend before Thanksgiving or we can deliver it on Tuesday, Nov 23th for a $5 fee. They will be fresh, not frozen.

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