What Is A CSA?

What is a CSA?

A CSA is a Community Supported Agriculture program. Some people describe this concept as a vegetable co-op, weekly boxed delivery, or a vegetable of the week club. We like to describe it as being a farmer for individual families, providing you with whatever is ripe and delicious each week. We have been blessed with bountiful, healthy, simple foods that we are excited to share with our members. Please visit our store  for more information.

My Minnesota Farmer has four goals:

  • The first is to be your farmer as our name suggests. Yep, pretty simple. We grow well over half of the food that our family eats right here on this farm and we know intimately how it was grown and we want to do the same for your family. The quality and taste of food this fresh cannot be outdone.
  • Our second goal is to give to the local community. On faith, we make a generous contribution to the local food shelf with the first fruits of each crop as we are called to do. We recognize that our needs will ultimately be met by our Father and so we receive the joy that comes from giving in faith.
  • The third goal of My Minnesota Farmer is to be a responsible steward of our soil, water and other natural resources. We feel strongly that we should work to preserve and improve our environment each and every year.
  • Our fourth goal is to educate others about the ‘farm to fork’ process. We love giving tours and teaching about every aspect of how our farm works to bring delicious healthy food to your table.

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