Prices-Monthly Share

Eggs – Free Range


Delicious, extra large, farm fresh eggs laid by our free range Gold Star hens.  Eggs can be purchased from the farm, the farmers market, or on our website.

Monthly Share

Do you love making amazing, healthy meals like the one in this picture? Then guarantee your home to be filled with healthy meat, eggs, granola, and vegetables for the 7-month growing season. We will put together more than $150 of food for you to enjoy, while making sure to not overwhelm you with perishable produce, but put in a well-rounded amount of produce with a longer shelf life.

  • Possibly some eggs
  • Various types of meat adding up to about $70 – $100
  • Various produce adding up to about $20 – $60
  • Possibly additional bread or granola

This is a way to get home delivery to your door and ensure you get the great products you will love. It will ensure an egg share, seasonal produce, possible baked goods, and a good variety of meat. We will always have a little different mix of meats. It will include chicken, beef, pork, and fun processed meats as well such as ring bologna, lamb, brats, hotdogs, or summer sausage depending on the month. $150 / box

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