Hello and welcome to My MN Farmer. We are a CSA farm and our goal is to provide you with locally grown, best quality produce and meat. Anywhere you see this icon: , you can click it, and it will bring you to our store.

Keep reading for more information about us, our farm, and what we can provide for you.

A CSA is a Community Supported Agriculture program. Some people describe this concept as a vegetable co-op, weekly boxed delivery, or a vegetable of the week club. We like to describe it as being a farmer for individual families, providing you with whatever is ripe and delicious each week. We have been blessed with bountiful, healthy, simple foods that we are excited to share with our members. Please visit our store  or visit our prices page for more information.

We have delicious fresh brown eggs available at the farm as well. During the CSA season we offer egg shares. You can get a full dozen of eggs with your CSA basket every week or biweekly. Our productive gold star chickens are happily laying delicious, brown, farm fresh eggs.

Our tender broiler chickens are grown outside in the fresh air, grass and sunshine and are never fed any antibiotics. We order the broilers in early spring so let us know early if you are interested in some tasty, young chicken!

Beef is tender and delicious around here. From fresh steaks to hamburger, our grass fed beef is a sure way to know what you are feeding your family is 100% home grown goodness. No chemicals needed!

Tasty Thanksgiving turkeys grown just for you and ready the weekend before Thanksgiving. We raise these birds on pasture to ensure we have naturally healthy birds that receive the absolute best care.

Our pork went so quickly again last year and we have already heard from many who have purchased it they would like more this year. This pastured pork is so tender and delicious. Something about the ham and bacon is amazing. It would be hard for our family to eat non-pastured pork ever again.

We are also raising grass fed lamb this season. We have over 30 ewes that will have their lambs in January, February, and March. I am so excited to see their little hooves hit the ground running. We are ready to take your order if you would like some lamb. They will be ready in the fall of the year.

proud member of minnesota grown