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February Meat Sale

10% off Meat Sale!

We will be delivering to your door Monday, February 19th, Presidents’ Day!

Mankato customer’s orders will be delivered or picked up at the market on Saturday the 10th.

Here are our products available:

See specific descriptions, some pictures, and details on how to order below.

Mixed Meat Basket                         $110               Sale*$100.00

 Pork Quarter                                   $150               Sale*$135.00

Ground Beef 10#                             $65                Sale*$58.50

1/12th Beef Share 30#                   $195              Sale*$175.50

Chicken Stock 5#                             $4                    $3.60 a bag

Whole Chickens                               $15                 Sale*$13.50

Cut Chicken                                      $15                 Limited Availability

Eggs                                                     $3                   Limited Availability

Rabbit                                                 $6 lb              $5.40 lb – average of 3 lbs


          Cashew Crunch                    $10

          Sweet Cinnamon                 $7

          Coconut Craisin                   $7

          Raisin Cinnamon                $7

          Chocolate Peanut Butter $7

If your order is $100 or more we will wave the $5 delivery fee. 

Mixed Meat Basket:

1 package of tenderloin, ribsteak or porterhouse
1 cut chicken
1 package of 8 hamburger patties
3 lbs ground burger in 1 lb packages
2 packages of pork chops (2 chops in each package)
1 ham
1 package bacon
This is a showcase of our favorite meats.

One Quarter Pork:

The mixed 1/4 hog is about 35-37 lbs and will contain approximately 8 lbs smoked ham, 3-4 lbs ground pork, 7 lbs pork chops, 4 lbs roasts, 4 lbs steaks, 4 lbs bacon and more.

        10 Pound Hamburger Share

This pack includes 10 packages of 1 plus pounds of grass fed hamburger. Use in soups, casseroles or patty it up for some delicious hamburgers. You can buy more than one of these.

1/12th Beef Share

Approximately 30 lbs. About 10 lbs are ground beef. The remaining consists of steaks, roasts, soup bones, and ribs.

How to Order:

Email your order to Please include your address so I know where to deliver your goodies. I, Jean will then send you an invoice. You can then check your order and your address. On Monday the 19th, Dean will deliver your goodies to your house. We ask that you leave a cooler in the front of the house with a check in it. We will then leave the meat and pick up the check. There is a $5 delivery charge for orders under $100. We ask that you pay with cash or check to help us avoid cc fees. Thanks!

Thank you. Your commitment to buy local directly impacts our family and your community!

We appreciate your business and wish you a super healthy and blessed February.
If you are interested in signing up for the CSA, if you haven’t done so already, we would love to grow for you! The 4% discount is valid through February 28th.
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